Creative Plan

Try our best to make a memorable brilliant moment

We always pursue “things only accost can do”.

 We always think how we can offer a little something extra other than our knowledge that we have got from our work experience to our client.
Our strong point is the flexible quick action to respond to various kinds of customers’ needs.
Almost all our works will be dismantled in the very near future from they are set up. This is why we can challenge to offer innovative things, which must give you and us a memorable brilliant moment. We would like to share the moment with you.
Flow Chart
1. Selection of Exhibition
2. Orientation
 * Confirmation of the contents of the sales promotion
 * Setting up the budget
 * Previous arrangement of event progress and/or event management
3. Planning
 * Making an exhibition booth plan and its perspective
 * Proposal for promotion management
4. Preparing setting-up and event management
 * Proxy application for registrations to event
 * Making goods for sales promotion
5. During Opening Hour
 * Fieldwork management of setting-up and dismantling
 * Event management
6. Follow-up Services
 * Submitting a report after the fact
 * Customer analysis